YouTubers Dig Wes Montgomery


In 2019, I posted on YouTube clips of students working out on transcriptions by guitarist Barry Galbraith (go here). In 2018, I did the same with piano students playing Red Garland (go here). Yesterday, I stumbled onto videos of guitar students playing Wes Montgomery (above). Here are eight videos plus a cover by a professional trio:

Here’s Audrey playing Four on Six

Here’s Dearly Beloved...

Here’s Mr. Walker

Here’s Alex Baird signing a vocalese on Montgomery’s recording of The Days of Wine and Roses

Here’s Gentle Rain

Here’s Cecil Alexander playing West Coast Blues

Here’s Sun Down (played in a bathrobe)…


And here’s the bass line to So Do It!

Bonus: Here’s Gerard Cubillon on guitar, Patrick Villanueva on organ and Stepahne Germaud on drums playing So Do It!


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