Italian Romantic Pop: 1960s, Pt. 2

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Back in December, I posted about a now-forgotten 1960s Italian pop genre that centered on broken hearts and nostalgia. Back then in Italy, as TV sets were making their way into homes, the young-adult market’s taste in music was romantic and dramatic. They preferred passionate ballads rather than the formal singing approach favored in the ’50s or the go-go tempos and pop-rock novelty numbers being embraced by teens and singers like Rita Pavone. [Photo above of Gino Paoli]


Last time I posted on this genre, I featured pop singing stars such as Patty Pravo, Mina and Ornella Vanoni as well as Peppino Gagliardi, Fred Bongusto, Pino Donaggio, Johnny Dorelli and Memo Remigi. This time, I found a bunch of new videos of high-drama pop artists, many taped in TV studios decked out in Italian-modern designs of the era:

Here’s Gino Paoli singing Il Cielo In Una Stanza in 1968 with a full orchestra. Watch for the brilliant production on the massive TV sound stage…

Here’s Gino Paoli singing Sapore di Sale

Here’s Ornella Vanoni and Gino Paoli singing Che Cosa C’è…

Here’s Umberto Bindi singing Il Nostro Concerto

Here’s Mina singing Se Tu Non Fossi Qui

Here’s Tony Renis with Gigliola Cinquetti and Mia Martini singing Quando, Quando, Quando

Here’s Mina singing L’Ultima Occasione

And here’s Jimmy Fontana singing El Mondo

Bonus: Here’s Gino Paoli singing Vivere Ancora, which was slipped into the HBO series My Brilliant Friend last week…


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