Cynthia, Cleo and Ronald

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In The Wall Street Journal this week,
I interviewed Cynthia Nixon for my „House Call“ column in the Mansion section (go here). Cynthia, of course, played Miranda on Sex and the City, the wildly popular comedy-drama series on HBO. Now she’s in a new series, Ratched (Netflix), based on the fictitious and despicable life of Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. [Photo above of Cynthia Nixon courtesy of Netflix]


Cynthia’s mother coached contestants on TV’s To Tell the Truth game show in the ’70s so they’d seem like the person who had the accomplishment and not the actual guest with the achievement. As Cynthia notes, her mom was both supportive and loving and functioned as her acting coach from an early age. By the time she reached college at Barnard, she was in two Broadway shows simultaneously, both directed by Mike Nichols. [Photo above of Cynthia Nixon, center, on the game show To Tell the Truth, courtesy of Cynthia Nixon]

Here’s the Ratched trailer….

And here’s Cynthia as Eleanor Roosevelt in the trailer for Warm Springs (2005), a terrific and moving film…

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Dick Bank,
a California jazz producer who supervised the recording of 28 Fresh Sound releases and the announcer who broker protocol during the 1964 Tokyo Olympics when spotting the surge by one of the runners, died in February. Here’s an obit by the Associated Press. And here, Fresh Sound producer Jordi Pujol remembers his friend in Jazz Journal. [Photo above of Dick Bank]

Here’s Bank jumping in with enthusiasm at the end of the 10,000-meter race as American runner Billy Mills surges to win the race. Bank was fired by NBC for expressing his excitement back when announcers were expected to call Olympic races with the same passion as landscapers mowing a lawn. The main announced was Bud Palmer. Bank’s decision to jump in was a result of Palmer missing Mills’s rapid advancement, most likely because Palmer was calling the race from a TV monitor…

Here’s Cleo Laine with Henry Mancini in 1980…

And here’s Kool & the Gang on Soul Train performing Hollywood Swinging, with tenor saxophonist Ronald Khalis Bell (center in video), who died last week…


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