Preparing to install an electric motor: basic principles that everyone should know

medium voltage motor

You have chosen a new electric motor and now you are just waiting for delivery? Shorten this time by getting acquainted with the basic principles of preparation for the installation of an electric motor. Although we have electric motors of various types for sale, practically everyone has the same rules. We have prepared for you a brief overview of what you should definitely remember before installation.

In our offer of electric motors you will find for sale various variants that are suitable for both common and industrial use. Our offer consists not only of single-phase and three-phase electric motors but also electric motors with a brake or electric motors for special use.

Electric motors in our price list: more than 200 itemsmedium voltage motor

Currently, our offer and price list include more than 200 types of electric motors, which we are ready to deliver by express quickly. For example medium voltage motor, gearboxes, frequency drives and more.  It is true that after the sale of the electric motor, we are able to ensure delivery to you within one working day. Before you get a new electric motor, familiarize yourself with the basic principles before installation.

Prepare the place for mounting the electric motor

The electric motor must always be installed permanently. Therefore, prepare a sufficiently firm and level surface on which to place the electric motor. The substrate should in no way cover the cooling openings of the electric motor or otherwise obstruct the moving parts. Also, don’t forget to dampen to prevent excessive vibration.

medium voltage motorCheck the ambient conditions

Electric motors in the standard version are suitable for installation in an environment with a temperature of at least -20 ° C and at most 40 ° C and a maximum altitude. Of course, we also have electric motors for sale suitable for non-standard environments or environments with a risk of explosion.

Supply voltage deviations

Remember that the maximum permissible deviations for the power supply are set by the relevant standards. Ensure that there are no excessive fluctuations and that the voltage deviation does not exceed 5%.

Do not overlook the label on the electric motormedium voltage motors

If you have already received the electric motor, check its label, which lists all the important parameters. Of course, you will also find further details in the manual that comes with the electric motor at the time of sale.

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